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ブレイズ プラント、オタワ市バニエ地区生まれ。
Monkey Majik、The Alphabet Projectのリードシンガー兼ギタリストであり、binyl records, (Avex) 、daydreamPRODUCTIONSに所属。
現在過去未来様々な方面から影響を受け、これまでM-flo、FPM、SMAP、山下智久、Will.I.Am、Bennie K、大沢伸一、The Weekenders、Gagle、他多数のアーティストとの共演を果たし、現在Monkey Majikアルバム7作品、The Alphabet Projectアルバム2作品を発表。

Blaise  Plant, born in Vanier, Ottawa. A Canadian Pop, HipHop artist based out of Sendai, Japan.
He is the lead singer, and guitarist for the band Monkey Majik, and The Alphabet Project. Blaise is currently signed to Binyl Records, (a subsidiary of Avex) and daydreamPRODUCTIONS.
His influences are anything and everything of the past, present, and what's to come.
Blaise has worked,  collaborated, and performed with various artist including, MFLO, FPM, SMAP, Yamashita Tomohisa,Will.I.Am, Bennie K, Osawa Shinichi, The Weekenders, Gagle, and many more.
Blaise has written 7 studio albums with Monkey Majik, and 2 full albums with The Alphabet Project.