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Taiwan #32  Hualien, Taroko, Jiufen

2014-12-03 18:26:26投稿者 : Blaise Plant
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Everybody on the bus?


This is the 2nd time I've been alone on a bus in my life.  The other time was a stop at the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta 20 years ago.  A little trip down memory lane?

2014-10-24 20:53:21投稿者 : Blaise Plant
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4 Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Caviar


It's difficult to describe how delicious this piece of ART actually was. You might even think that I added an egg, but that's all cheese...melted! Cheddar, Brie,Mozzarella, and Swiss.

2014-10-07 16:18:14投稿者 : Blaise Plant
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Back in Taiwan


I just spent a wonderful time visiting Taiwan again. 
Not only did I hang around Taipei, but I decided to visit other parts like Jiufen, Hualien, Taroko. 
I would have to put them at the top of my list of places to visit again.

2014-09-25 23:28:19投稿者 : Blaise Plant
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    Last Bite


    It's getting closer to that time. My favourite Burger joint is going to close down very soon...this month actually. I'll miss ya Avocado Bacon Extra Cheese BBQ sauce burger. We had some wonderful memories!

    2014-09-11 13:58:37投稿者 : Blaise Plant
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